Welcome to the CrossFit Athletic Performance located in Yorktown Heights

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Glenn And WifeAs owner's, Glenn and Jacqueline Ettere, our first establishment was Personalized Fitness from 2000 to 2011. We are multi-certified personal trainers and have dedicated our lives to helping anyone who seeks out help in health and fitness. Glenn is living proof that a fit body can save your life. Through his own personal experiences he has overcome life obstacles with fitness. Jackie is a 3 time all American gymnast and an accomplished marathon runner! As husband and wife we enjoy many activities including CrossFit, snowboarding, tennis, golf, jogging, hiking, yoga and time with our two children. We have the experience of training at all levels of fitness. We take pride in our dedication to teaching the beginner and we love to challenge the elite athlete.

Currently we have become a CrossFit affiliate and have moved into a larger facility at the end of Front Street in Yorktown Heights, NY. Sharing the passion and methodology of CrossFit we are a building an environment where you can work out intensely with the support and camaraderie from your peers as well as your trainers. It is important to us to build an atmosphere where there is respect for a healthy and active lifestyle. At CrossFit Athletic Performance you can get personal training, group training, take advantage of the challenging CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) in our class setting or on your own with our semiprivate option.

We are truly excited about joining the CrossFit family. We have been into fitness our whole lives so it is exciting to have found a new avenue to challenge our bodies and share with our community.

Our Vision
Our Vision to have an environment that is different and exciting. A place with a competitive edge to encourage and inspire. An atmosphere that exudes good health, sound mind, and a strong body. A place you feel good about not only when you leave but while you are there!
Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy CONSISTENCY! If you work hard consistently you will definitely gets results. If you don't work hard you don't deserve results.
Our Mission
Our Mission to expose our community to an effective, intense yet fun fitness and athletic program with the proper guidance at an affordable rate.
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